Blog Consolidation

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have decided to consolidate my blogs and write from one lifestyle blog moving forward at this time.

All of my running posts can now be found at One More Time, With Feeling.

I hope you still stop by for a visit!



To the Beach I Go

June 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

Happy Friday to everyone! Happy Friday to me, indeed. I’m packed and ready to head off to my beach vacation which begins this weekend.

For eight days I plan on laying by the pool, the beach, practicing yoga, going for early morning runs, eating delicious seafood, drinking refreshing wine, trying local beer, reading books, taking afternoon naps and just relaxing with family.

My official marathon training program begins on Monday for my upcoming fall marathon. I do plan to stick to the schedule. I enjoy my daily exercise while on vacation. Here is what the week will look like for me:

Monday, June 13: Jog 40 minutes.

Tuesday, June 14: Cross train 30 minutes.

Wednesday, June 15: Six x 400 meters at 2:05 to 2:15 pace.

Thursday, June 16: Jog 30 minutes or rest.

Friday, June 17: Cross train 20 – 30 minutes.

Saturday, June 18: 7 miles at 10:40 to 11:10 pace.

Sunday, June 19 : Rest.

In other news, I haven’t added a triathlon to my summer plans as of yet. It’s still in the back of my mind and I’m itching to sign up for one but I’ve been holding off since my credit card is sinking. Well, really, I just placed my credit card in the freezer  for a while as I was getting way too much use out of it. I do have a lap pool to swim in now on a regular basis and my road bike is happily awaiting a good race…a thought to keep pondering for now.

Book Club Happiness

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today’s Workout: Core Upper Cuts class at Equinox

Yesterday I decided to take a rest day as my shins and hips were hurting. I ran hard at Saturday’s race and was feeling the aftermath these past few days. I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better today. I took my second ever Core Upper Cuts class at Equinox. I decided to go with 5lb and 8lb weights today as opposed to the 3lb and 5lb weights I used last time. I didn’t feel that I exerted myself last week so I wanted to be sure I did so today. I definitely felt a difference and today was quite a challenge for me.

Last night after work I attended my monthly book club meeting. It’s so nice to meet with this particular group of girls on a regular basis. The conversation and wine flowed. Dinner was amazing. Our friend Barbara hosted this month. She lives on the Upper East Side and her apartment is laid out so well. The decor has so much personality. For instance, framed record covers hang in her dining room as artwork. Nothing is generic about this place. You may have just heard me mention the words dining room . Yes, why yes I did. It’s rare that you dine in an actual dining room in the city (well, at least I haven’t recently) and it was lovely and cozy. Loads of girl talk happened around the table.

The menu consisted of copious amounts of wine, sushi, poached salmon, avocado and mango salad, roasted potatoes, and strawberry and blueberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream. There may or may not have been little blue cupcakes for the hostess in honor of her upcoming baby on board.

In other news, I’ve changed my training plan for the upcoming Steamtown Marathon in October. I’ll now follow the plan outlined in 4 Months to a 4-Hour Marathon.

Official training begins on Monday, June 13th. I thought about my goal of qualifying for Boston and would like to obtain this realistically. After careful consideration, I feel it is still quite a feat for me to break four hours when running a marathon. If I follow this plan, it has me on target for for a 3:56:00. After I obtain this goal in the fall, I can schedule a spring marathon in which I will then train for a 3:40:00. Makes more sense to me. So there you have it.

“Running Buddy” Is A Proud Title

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today’s Workout: 6 mile run

This morning began bright and early. I was scheduled to be at Asphalt Green to assist as a “running buddy” for the Girls on the Run 5K. This is the second time I’ve volunteered for this particular assignment, the first being the December 2010 5K.

GOTR Manhattan is an interactive life-skills program that uses the power of running to change the way girls see themselves and their opportunities! Our innovative health education and wellness program uniquely combines training for a 3.1 mile run/walk event with life-changing, self esteem enhancing lessons that encourage healthy habits and an active lifestyle in 8-13 year old girls. Girls learn to stretch themselves – physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally – and in the process, are inspired to a lifetime of self respect and healthy living!

I really enjoy volunteering for this particular organization as it combines one of my favorite passions (running) with helping young girls lead a healthy lifestyle at an early age. I think it’s truly important and I’m behind it 100 percent.

The girls were inspiring and full of positive energy and hope this morning. From what I was able to observe, they all gave it their best. Afterward many of them had “runner’s high” and were celebrating their accomplishments of the day.

I ran extra mileage to and from my volunteer duties making my mileage for the day 6 miles in total.

On another note, I seem to have very sore shins. I’m thinking it is from my race yesterday as I was running extremely hard and possibly my legs aren’t quite used to it. I’ve been resting my legs and icing them as well. Tomorrow will be a rest day for me and I have plans for multiple swim sessions this week.

In other news, I signed up for a new race today. The Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon.header_logo_tag2

It looks like it will be a group running trip with a bunch of  my close running companions I adore so I’m already looking forward to the adventures that will ensue!

A Beautiful Day for a Race

June 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today’s Workout: 5K race

This morning began with me racing the Central Park Challenge to raise money for the YAI Network who provides opportunities for people with developmental and learning disabilities and their families. This was my first race in Central Park which wasn’t run by New York Road Runners. My official time will not be posted on the website until tomorrow but my watch tells me my average pace was 8:36. I’m very happy with this result as my last 5K, which was in March, had me averaging at a 9:06 pace.

The race itself was a lot of fun. All of the volunteers on the sidelines were very enthusiastic and there was free coffee available. Now, I’m one who always gets excited about freebies, but when I spotted the Chock full o’ Nuts truck after the race I promptly went to stand in line.

Shortly after browsing the race festivities I headed home to prepare for my afternoon. First on the agenda was breakfast. I had an apple and made myself an egg sandwich. It was delicious and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m finding that I’m in love with Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thins. I toasted it lightly, added Earth Balance spread and two perfectly fluffy eggs. I believe the key to my eggs this time was that I allowed the pan to heat enough before adding the eggs and I allowed the eggs to cook enough before flipping them. Note to self for future egg breakfasts. I’m thinking tomorrow?

I was headed to the park with friends this afternoon and promised to bring along homemade pasta salad.

Whole wheat pasta, sautéed zucchini and mushrooms, tomato, feta cheese, spinach and organic balsamic vinaigrette.

When I arrived back home this evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Carrots ‘N’ Cake bumper sticker waiting for me in the mail. Tina is inspiring and one of my all-time favorite bloggers.

Also in the mail were two of my favorite magazines, Glamour and Runner’s World. I look forward to diving in to both of these tomorrow.

I’m pretty tired and it’s getting late (for me but not for Saturday night.) Good night!

Yoga on My Mind

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today’s Workout: Yoga

Tonight after work I attended a yoga class at Yoga Vida NYC. Through Gilt City, there was an offer to try out the new location, 666 Broadway as well as receive a case of ZICO Coconut Water. Sweet.

The studio was beautiful. The instructor was gracious and very attentive. It was a Vinyasa Flow class.


Upon heading home, I was hungry and very in the mood for veggie Pad Thai suddenly. This doesn’t quite fit into my food budget (to save money and eat in) but I did order take out.

In other news, I’m getting excited as I have a vacation on the horizon. I’m headed to Florida with family for a week of relaxation. It’s much-needed and very welcomed. I plan on lying by the pool, on the beach, will read a few books (trashy novel included,) along with some biking, running, eating lots of delicious food and exploring the local town. A beach/summer vacation is #1 on my list.

Yes, I Celebrated by Eating a Burrito

June 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday’s Workout: Core Upper Cuts class at Equinox /Today’s Workout: Got dressed for my scheduled training run (on National Running Day nonetheless) but instead walked to Chipotle in my running clothes to order a burrito.


On the training schedule for yesterday was to rest or cross-train. I opted for something different to shake things up. I attended a thirty minute upper body workout at Equinox during my lunch break. There is a gym location just down the street from the office so it’s convenient to step out if my schedule allows. The instructor, Corey Hill was full of energy and it was easy to follow along. We completed series of arms, back and chest exercises. We were allowed to choose our weight – a light set of weights and a heavier set. I opted for 3 and 5lb weights since it was my first class. I’m easing my way into strength training.

Last night after work I dined at Brooklyn Label for the first time. It’s a cute little spot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Dinner didn’t cost me a dime (thanks to my good friend in Boulder!) which fits in nicely with my new food budget. I always welcome a free meal. The veggie burger was hands down the best veggie burger I had to date. If you ever visit this restaurant, I highly recommend it as an option.

I have some fun activities on the horizon for the remainder of this week:

–          Yoga workshop on Thursday evening.

–         On Saturday morning I’m racing the Central Park Challenge 5K.

–          Picnic in the park with friends on Saturday afternoon.

–          I’m volunteering for the Girls on the Run 5K this Sunday.

Anyone have anything exciting on calendar for the rest of the week?