Nothing to Lose Except a Few Pounds

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just ran my sixth marathon this past weekend. I still can’t believe it. I used to smoke cigarettes back in the day. Maybe I shouldn’t even admit that little piece of news. I also used to eat crappy foods and drink more than I should on occasion. Nothing over the top but just enough to keep me overweight and unhealthy.

I wasn’t even the healthiest when I ran my first marathon. I thought it was an excuse to eat a Krispy Kreme donut on the way home from speed work practice in Central Park. Somehow over the years I managed to lose a few pounds, give or take twenty.

There is plenty of time to go into more detail on my journey at a later date. Back to my sixth marathon. I ran my this particular marathon slower than any other marathon. Is this possible? I made so much progress over the years. But life gets in the way. A few pounds are gained back. Stress takes over like a bitch and suddenly you find you are only running once a week, maybe twice and a marathon is weeks away. I contemplated on dropping down to the 1/2 marathon at one point. Then I revisited that thought as people committed to coming on this trip and running with me. How could I be lame and bail out, I would ask myself? So, I pushed through and finished in 5:11 and change.

Rather than cry in my stew, I signed up for the Steamtown Marathon on October 9, 2011. I already researched a training plan which starts now. I want to reach a goal that I seemed to have put on the back burner – qualifying for the Boston Marathon. To do so, I will need to run a 3:40:00 marathon. My marathon PR to date was 4:01:00 in New Jersey in May 2009.

One might ask, is it possible to go from running a 5:11 marathon to a 3:40? Yes, yes it is. I know I have the endurance. I just ran a marathon without hardly an ounce of training under my belt. I am going to dust myself off and have a little passion and pride.

Of course I can do this. I do anything I put my mind to. Nothing a few lost pounds and a moderately hard-core training plan cannot fix.

I look forward to sharing this journey. Even if just for myself.



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