A Present Fell from the Sky

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Upon entering my apartment building this evening, I glanced over to the side ledge next to the mailboxes and quickly saw a note reading “Take Me” next to this:

Without a second thought I grabbed it as if it was a book I was anxiously awaiting to get my hands on for days. Funny. I don’t know much about Bethenny Frankel but I have heard positive feedback from others. Even about this book. So I’m excited to read this and see what she has to say. I’m in a position now that I’m always open to bettering my health and taking in advice that will keep me headed in a positive direction.

Speaking of, I go through phases. For awhile I was over 90% vegetarian while cutting out dairy most of the time. I was at my lowest weight and never felt better. No headaches, no allergies and I always had energy. I was also a much faster runner at that point. Right now, dairy is back in my diet as if it never left. And I eat meat on occasion. I even had a steak last weekend after my marathon. It had probably been about two years since I had a steak.

Tonight was no different. I went for a run with a friend and on my way home suddenly I decided I would have a ham and provolone cheese from D’Agastino.

This was something I would get on occasion on my way home from speed training class a few years back when I wasn’t such a healthy eater. Before my stint at vegetarianism. I never like to label myself or put restrictions on what I can or cannot eat but I do know when I felt my best the lifestyle I was upholding.

I think now I would like to focus on eating real food while cutting out processed foods. Not that I eat many processed foods to begin with, but they still live within my diet.

My food consumption always consists of plenty and fruits and veggies on a regular basis. This is one amazing win I added to my diet a few years back. But today was interesting. I noticed that I didn’t have one fruit or one vegetable the entire day. I feel tired and irritable and didn’t have a good run after work.

I let my busy schedule this week get the best of me. Tomorrow is a new day.



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