A SELF Kind of Day

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Homemade pancakes were on the agenda for this morning.

Then it was off to SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park in Central Park. The crowd was buzzing just after 11:00am.

 I walked around to all of the booths to see what was happening. Many sample were being handed out. I confess, I love free gifts, sign me up!

I stopped by Garnier for a mini facial. It was so relaxing for that split second. I’ve been reminded that I would like to schedule a full facial in the near future.

Next I participated in a class at the main stage. It was called Masala Bhangra – this class blends the high-energy dance moves of Bhangra and Bollywood into a fun and heart-pounding workout – Indian-style! I think I was shuffling around in the realm of hundreds of people. I would have had to take this class at least 10 times in a row to get the hang of it. But it was fun overall. Just a random Saturday afternoon in Central Park.

Before departing the event, I paid a visit to a second Garnier booth to spin the wheel. I couldn’t resist. I won a garnier-branded head band!

On my training agenda today I was supposed to run 10 miles. I’ve switched my Saturday and Sunday workouts this week as tomorrow I have a 4 mile race. I’ll add on the additional miles making tomorrow my long run.


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