Under 9

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I ran a 4 mile race in Central Park, the Japan Day Run for Hope. I was pumped to run hard.

Before the race, I ate chocolate peanut butter on a bagel thin.

I actually ate only half and had a half an apple as well. The photo above was taken another time but I am too lazy to download the actual photo I took yesterday morning from my camera right now. Please bear with me.

I did run hard throughout this race but it felt very challenging within the first five minutes. My body ached and it was tough to push it. So I did my best. My goal was to finish in under 36 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised with my time. I did reach my goal and I am now under the 9:00 per mile mark which is nice. I finished in 35:46 at a 8:57 pace/mile. For awhile there within the past year, I couldn’t break a 9 minute mile in a race.

I wound up running 6 miles in total. I ran to and from the race. I originally planned on completing 10 miles per the training schedule but that didn’t happen. Life got in the way. I met up with other runners briefly after the race. Then I went home to call my Mom for Mother’s Day.

I took a rest day today since yesterday was technically my “long” run. Tomorrow I’m back at it with a 5 mile run.

This particular Monday was hectic at work (not unusual) and I attended a book club gathering after work with girlfriends. Something I very much look forward to every month. Upon coming home this evening, I panicked that it was getting late and I hadn’t blogged yesterday and I didn’t work out today. I thought about my busy plans for the next few weeks and then decided to take a deep breath. Everything will get accomplished. I must put myself first. I will make time for myself. Day by day.

I would like to reintroduce the green monster back into my life on a regular basis. It provides me with instant, good energy – unlike the bagel with butter I consumed this morning while cryin’ the Monday blues. Wheatgrass is one of my favorite loves.

And now I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“Life is like a mountain and the people are the stones you use to get to the top. Some of the stones break away and some follow you to the top. However, every stone has it’s meaning and no stone is less important than another. The climb is never easy and the weather is always against you. The climb is not important though; it is the stones you touch along the way. Those stones will get you to the top. The stones are your life, not the mountain. Sometimes when you are at the top, you slip and fall. You find yourself at the starting point with nowhere to go but up. So what do you do…you pick yourself up, grab the nearest stone, and try, one more time, with feeling.”


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