Run Like A Girl

May 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today’s Workout: 6 Mile run

On the training agenda for today was a 6 mile run at a 9:58 minute mile pace. I had trouble keeping this pace throughout my run. I would look down at my Garmin and find myself running a 9 minute mile. Or I would be climbing a hill in Central Park in the heat and the pace would be a 10:30 minute mile. Most times it’s easy breezy finding my groove and keeping a steady pace. I find it harder to do when the pace you are supposed to run is slower than your comfortable run pace.

I had a perfect, relaxing morning before heading out to run. I enjoyed making breakfast, coffee, good conversation, and finalizing plans for the remainder of the long weekend. When I finally headed out the door for Central Park, I was taking it all in and realizing how happy I am. It’s so nice to lead a life of fitness. I remember the days a few years ago where I would wake up hung over, sit indoors and chat with a friend about nothing in particular on the phone. It all seems so depressing. I’m not knocking any lifestyle choices, but I’m glad I found the balance and surround myself with healthy individuals.

My run felt tough today. My body felt heavy. At one point during the first mile I had to pull over on the side of the road to transform my ponytail into a bun. My long hair (which hasn’t been cut since November – note to self) was hitting my back making me more hot and uncomfortable. Also, I forgot to lather on my body glide pre-run. My running shorts kept bunching today. Sexy, I know. Such as life. Not every run is perfect. I still feel sore and achy as I write this post. Possibly my body needs to adjust to the heat.

My new running shoes are not so matchy-matchy with this outfit.

My apartment currently feels like Guam. I have my fan circulating and the window open. I try to hold off as much as possible before I have to turn my air-conditioner on. It felt so nice to take a cold shower when I returned from my run. Post-run fuel consisted of leftover “summer” salad which I made last evening.

The special ingredient in this mix was buckwheat which I substituted instead of pasta. Also included was organic spinach, feta cheese, heirloom tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and yellow squash, and a mix of balsamic vinaigrette and red wine and oil vinaigrette.

I wasn’t satisfied after this meal and had a hankering for chocolate peanut butter. I topped a Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thin with chocolate peanut butter and vegan carob chips.


In other news, I’ve been reading the book Run Like a Girl by Mina Samuels.

I’m not quite half way through but I’m really enjoying the positive messages being stated throughout. They are resonating with me personally. Here are just a few that stand out:

“If we can ‘see’ and own our hopes, dreams and ambitions, then we are far more likely to achieve them.”

“It’s your life. Don’t miss it!”

“Yet to be strong in body and mind requires not only effort but also risk and the willingness to embrace a new mind-set.”

“In other words, if we say ‘I am a strong athlete,’ there’s a good chance that’s what we’ll be.”

I’m headed to see the movie Bridesmaids tonight. Possibly a Chipotle burrito will be on the menu later too.

Enjoy your evening!


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