Enter Summer Fun

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today’s Workout: 4 Mile Run, 5 mile bike ride

What a lovely weekend. It was a whirlwind. I’m sad to see it winding down.

There were birthday celebrations…

A visit to Good Burger, a viewing of Bridesmaids, dinner at Pure Food & Wine and a fun girly afternoon on a roof deck.

This morning began with breakfast and a four mile run in Central Park. My training called for an easy run at a 9:58 minute mile pace. It was so hot and humid. Usually I am a huge fan of the heat and rave about it but it’s taking me some time to adjust to running in the heat this season.

After my run I showered and headed over to Long Island City to visit a friend. She has a roof deck so I happily accepted the invitation. It was just a nice afternoon with lots of girl chat, sunscreen, pitchers of water and magazines.

Upon seeing many people BBQ’ing, I knew I wanted something of the sort for dinner. Since I’m on a bit of a food budget right now I was able to whip up a meal from ingredients I have stocked in my kitchen.

I enjoyed a Brooklyn Summer Ale…

…with salad, a veggie burger and homemade fries.

I am currently watching the movie Country Strong (while crying) on Netflix and am about to dig in to leftover birthday cake and it wasn’t even my birthday! I made this cake for a special someone in my life, we’ll call him M, using this recipe. He is a chocoholic so I thought a Devil’s Food Cake was in order.

What did you do this holiday weekend? 


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